Austin Theriault talks about his early career

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It's a long way from Spud Speedway to Daytona. Austin Theriault has made the trip winning at the local track and also at one of the most famous tracks around. The ARCA Champion recently spent some time in the County and sat down with Rene Cloukey to talk about his early years racing at Spud Speedway.

Rene Cloukey:"Austin Theriault sitting here with me on the NewsSource 8 set. We are just looking at this year and his career overall. Let's go back to the very beginning at Spud Speedway and winning a huge race in one of your first years there.

(Austin Theriault):" First or second year there and on our way here we actually passed one of the roads that I took to head over to Limestone and Spud Speedway. It is always interesting to look back at those moments because it gives you a huge perspective on where you came from and where you are now. It seems as drivers we spend so much time looking at the future and not a lot of time looking at the past and enjoying the moment. I think it was 2010. I think I had raced there for a year or two in the four cylinder cars the basic cars. Learning skills having fun. Those days were a blast for all of us. I had friends who raced there and we had so much fun. That was the defining moment for me. It made me feel confident with what I could do with my skills. It provided me some opportuntities for me later on. There was a guy from Southern Maine who was there watching that race. From that point on we started conversations and he introduced me to other people outside Northern Maine and from there it sort of blossomed."

Rene:" I remember my first interview with you I asked who your favorite driver was and you said Mark Martin. Did you remain a Martin fan forever?"

Austin:" I did and it is always tough when you love somebody so much and they retire. It like who else am I going to root for. As I climbed the ladder I had to focus on what I had going on so I am still a Martin fan. He is not coming back I really look up to all the people who are racing at that top level which is now the Monster Energy Series. Racing at the X Finity level and the Camping World Truck series I am telling you those guys and gals know what they are doing. It may seem like they don't know what they are doing, but I am telling you if anybody were to get into a cup car be prepared to be multiple laps down if you don't have the experience and the skills necessary. Some of my friends at the truck level and X Finity level and even myself we would possibly struggle with an opportunity like that. I can name some like Logano when they come in young it takes them some time to get their feet under them."

Rene:" It's a complete different mindset isn't it. This is the highest level you can get."

Austin:" We talked about the business end before. Some of those people are in that position is because they have the sponsors, but they are professionals and they are fast and they know what they are doing."