Northern Maine Fair: Motor Mayhem

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - Throughout the night, engines revved, wheels squealed, and the crowd cheered as Motor Mayhem took over the Northern Maine Fair.

"It's an event where a bunch of guys can bring their old vehicles out, get them muddy, go over a jump, have some fun, and put on a show for the crowd." Event organizer and driver Brandon Smith, said.

Around eight trucks participated in the evening. The event featured two main events. First was the mud drags, where trucks tried to get through over 100 yards of mud as fast as they can. Second was the Tuff Truck competition, which forced the drivers to navigate through obstacles, more mud (there's a theme building), and then a giant jump. It was too much for some trucks to take.

"The course ended up breaking the frame of my truck," competitor, Trevor Pendexter said. "It just broke in half and wouldn't stay running."

The Tuff Truck competition involved intense racing down a course, which was barely big enough to fit one truck, but for the drivers, it's just fun to get out there and give the people a show.

"It's a blast," driver, Kyle Wells said. "We've done this competitively for many years here and at Spud Speedway, so we're used to racing in front of crowd, just want to get the need for speed in."