AAU teams combine to face County All-Stars

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FORT FAIRFIELD, Me (WAGM) - Members from the Maine Lumberjacks and Maine Freeze national championship teams took on some local all-stars today.

On the final day of the Tiger Camp in Fort Fairfield these two teams came together to face the camp's all-star team. The Lumberjacks team is made entirely of Aroostook County players and the Maine Freeze featured three players from the County. Camp director Larry Gardner said the game was a great way to end the camp and that he hopes players of all ages can learn from the AAU players experience this past season.

"Well that's what we're hoping. The other kids got a chance to ask some questions of those players. We kind of put them on the hot seat so to speak. Yeah having those kids who have gone to the next level so to speak. It should be great motivation for them to get better and want to improve and maybe do the same thing that those other kids have had," said camp director Larry Gardner.

The combined AAU team just narrowly beat the All-Star team.