Alleycats show off their skills

The Alley cats are taking over Northern Lanes on Thursday afternoon.Strikes, spares and fun are the order of the day.

The County is now offering Special Olympics bowling to Athletes from around the County. Over 40 Olympians from several different agencies converge on Northern Lanes in Presque Isle on Thursday afternoon. Laurie Plissey and Jody Shaw have organized the event.

(Laurie Plissey):" We came here to bowl with our program during the day. I noticed a lot of consumers were not able to play basketball and soccer because of the disability of wheelchair or walker and I saw the smile on their faces."

(Jody Shaw):" It is a sport that anyone can do and it doesn't matter on their ability. They are just so happy to be involved."

Steve Richard says the Area Management team loved the idea to start the program.

(Steve Richard):" The two ladies Laurie and Jody really thought we would have a dozen or so people. We were amazed at the number of people who are showing up. It is great
The cooperation between Northern Lanes and the Elks and Special Olympics shows what this community it about."

The Elks and Northern Lanes a Charitable Non Profit have offered their support and they are very happy at the number of bowlers taking part

(Alan Harding):" To expose the facility to so many people to have this number of Special Olympians are able to help us give back and that is what this facility is for."

The bowlers all give the event a high five and love the activity.

"I like bowling and I love being on the team."
" I like it is fun. I like to throw strikes and a spare."
" I love playing on the Special Olympic bowling team and I am having fun."

Other gave it a thumbs up.

They also have adaptive equipment available for the competitors

Richard:" It is also an event for people who can't play soccer or basketball and they can do this sport."

Shaw:" We do have adaptive equipment for them."

The Hope is the program will continue to grow and that some of the bowlers might be able to take part in a competition downstate at some point.

Shaw:" We are competing against one another. Hopefully within a year we can take them to a tournament down in Bangor or Brunswick.
They have over 40 people competing and they expect the program to continue to grow. The coaches said just like everything else there is a level of competitiveness.

Plissey:" It doesn't matter if you are playing cards or if you are bowling everyone of our individuals is competitive and I love it. It's awesome."