Alpine Skiers struggle with the weather

Published: Feb. 11, 2019 at 2:50 PM EST
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It has been a tough year for alpine skiers. The weather has kept them off the hill on most weekends.

We tried on several occasions to catch up with the teams and thanks to a make up meet yesterday it finally happened. Everyone talking about their frustration with all the postponements.

Ryan Cook):" It is kind of bummer because you work hard all week and wax your skis and you don't have a meet the next day. If we don't have a meet we are out there training."

(Bryant Grass):" It is really frustrating because all you do is practice and when it comes race day they cancel it because it is to cold or rain."

(Sylvie Guimond):"It is frustrating for me because I am a senior. Racing is something I am really passionate about. It is frustrating because we have a lot of practice time but when it comes to racing we are more nervous because we are not used to it. When it comes to States we are probably going to be a lot more nervous because we have not had meets."

(Scott Smith):" It's a strange year because we have all kinds of snow but not the weather cooperating to use it."

(Kyler Caron):" The weather has not been in our favor. We have had a lot of cancellations and have not been able to practice. We make the most of what we have."

Because of the early cancellations the Aroostook League has added some meets to try to get the skiers some competition before the States in two weeks.

(Eleanor St Peter):" The extra races benefit us more than just going through gates and having times. Going against others in competitive races is better for sure."

Neal Sleeper says the Caribou teams are working very hard and he is happy they have their own little hill to practice on

(Neal Sleeper):" Our little alpine hill in Caribou has been instrumental in the success of our program. It is giving kids the opportunity to work on technique that we wouldn't be able to work on without that hill."

This is Alexis Parker's first year on the Vikings ski team.

(Alexis Parker):" I am pretty impressed with myself. This is just my second year skiing and first year on the team and it is pretty interesting."

Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming States at Black Mountain

Smith:" It is a good race hill It is a lot like Bigrock and I think the kids will do well.

(Bryant Grass):" It is great to compete with all the County kids because we are all in the same class."

(Ghent Durepo):" I think we will do ok we will do alright. We have made a lot of progress over the last few years.

(Leslie Marquis): Our team looks good. They have had a lot of time on snow practicing but not a lot of time in races.

The Fort Kent teams have had all kinds of success over the years. Every year one of the teams brings home a State Championship

Marquis:" If you look back in history our team has always done well. They do the feel the pressure of going there and upholding the tradition.

Bryce Madore says it is a very tight knit group.

(*Bryce Madore):" We are all friends and it is nice. It is not very competitive with our team. Everybody gets along and you can tell when you see our team. We have had a very good season and everyone wants to be here."

Both teams depth is the key to their success

Madore:"If someone is not performing just right or someone is having a bad day we have a team full of stars. Even the younger kids are someone to watch later."

Guimond:" Really excited to go to States and see what we can do. Show everyone what we have on the team with all the depth because like Bryce said we have a lot of depth. If one of us is not performing right we have extra girls that are younger and can make it up for us."

This is Marquis's first year as head coach. She replaced Greg Voisine who retired last year. Marquis says she still relies on Voisine's expertise

Marquis:" Greg is there. I don't know how many times I have called him this year to ask him advice and to ask him for information. He sets our courses when we have home meets and he pops into the ski team room to check up on us and offer advice."

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