Aroostook County Lacrosse is growing

Published: Mar. 13, 2020 at 4:01 PM EDT
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The growth of Lacrosse in the United States cannot be denied. Today there are professional leagues for players and a plethora of full-ride scholarships for students to play in college. Here in Aroostook County ONE man has been doing his part to expand the sport in this area of the country.

A man's promise to his children is what brought Lacrosse to the County. 4 years ago.

(Ken Ervin): "It was about a promise and I said whenever we move to Houlton if there isn't lacrosse I'll go about starting it and sure enough here we are 4 years later."

And now, 60 students of ALL ages and from ALL different parts of Aroostook have developed a NEW love for a NEW sport.

(Addyson Lynds): "It's my favorite sport. Because I only play a couple of sports and of those it's my favorite."

(Tori Ervin): "I just like all of the friendships I've made and everything."

(Bryce Hubert): "I love it all pretty much cradling, shooting. Shooting is the best part though."

(Morgan Quirk): I'm a sporty kid so I kind of do a lot of sports. Mom told me there was lacrosse so I tried it out and I really liked it."

The members of the Maine Moose Lacrosse team range from grades 3 to 9.

For parents there is no financial pressure to equip their children to play.

Donations from the Bill Belichick foundation and U.S. Lacrosse gives them the opportunity to try the sport for a very low price.

(Ken SOT): "If families want to come play they don't have to go to a sporting goods store and spend 1000 dollars when they don't even know if their kids is going to like the sport. That's something that has given our families the ability to just go at it really reduce registration costs and reduce membership through U.S. Lacrosse and just to give it a try.

Over the years, the sport of Lacrosse has seen tremendous growth in the US.

According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association there are currently just over 2 miliion lacrosse players in the Country

Here in Northern Maine lacrosse has not been added to the roster at any County high schools.

Ervin feels a change is coming soon.

(Ervin): Once it gets to the point of maybe moving this to the next level there's going to be a lot more chatter about it and a lot more excitement to maybe have it be a high school sport soon."

For now, Ken is focused on providing a fun environment for any kid who decides to join the team.

He is succeeding in that department.

(Matt Conley): "it's easier to work with because you can understand it better. The coach is easy to talk to."

(Colton Simoes): "He's just a really fun supportive coach."

(Liam Kellerhals): "When I was having trouble and throwing it up in the vents he just helped me out on how to not throw it in the vent.

(Ken SOT): "Well, I'm a selfless guy so I guess it feels good!"

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