Aroostook Special Olympics soccer day

The County's Special Olympians showcased their soccer skills today at the University of Maine Presque Isle. This is one of just three Special Olympic soccer events held in the State each year.
(Ian Frank):" Here in Presque Isle another in Bangor and our last one is in Gorham in October."

The Athletes came from all over the County and were broken up into teams with competition and playing the game the order of the day. This is has changed over the years from individual skills competitions to playing the game and competing

Frank:" We are seeing that transition that you want to see. Athletes moving from individual skills events to transitioning into team play.Training is going on to get these athletes onto the field and playing team soccer."

Volunteers for the event come from several different organizations including the Univeristy of Maine Presque Isle, Presque Isle NHS, Law Enforcement and many other groups. MMG Insurance has organized this event for the past 23 years and they feel this is another way of giving back to the community

(Spencer King):" MMG is really big on giving back to the community.It is where we play where we live and where we raise our families. They feel the need that we have a strong community and any way they can provide assistance they have been more than willing."

There were a lot of smiles and cheering and celebrations as the players of all ages showcased their soccer skills.

(LaJeanna Miller):" I am on the Grasshoppers soccer team and I love it. It's fun you can meet new friends and just have a good time."

(Chad McAdams):" It is exciting for us and for me this year. A lot of people here and I like it. I like coming out here a lot with all my new friends and coaches. It is very exciting for me."