Aroostook Valley is open for some members.

Published: May. 19, 2020 at 6:10 PM EDT
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Aroostook Valley Country Club has a rich history with the pro shop in the United States and the clubhouse and golf course located in Canada. Canadians have to enter the United States to access the course and now with the border being closed until June 21st that means that the course is not accessible to a large part of the AVCC membership. Despite the border closure the course opened last Friday for residents of Maine.

Steve Leitch:" The fact that we couldn't get all the people that we wanted all of our membership here for the foreseeable future meant that it could have been very tough on us financially so we had to make the decision to allow those who could get to the golf course to come and use their facility and generate some revenue and keep the place sustained."

Leitch says the course has had quite a bit of play since it's opening on Friday, But with the cold weather and New Brunswickers not able to golf the totals are lower than normal, Leitch says that his course has received support from courses in New Brunswick offering to allow some AVCC members to golf at the club.

Leitch:" We had some golf clubs reach out to us. The Hampton Golf Club down in St John offered a foursome a day if they happen to be members of Aroostook Valley and were in the area to stop in and play free of charge. I was reached out to by a golf course in St George who we were fortunate enough to play against last year in the Past Presidents Cup. They just loved this golf course and the hospitality and they said if our people are ever in that area to stop in and they would love to treat them to a game of golf."

Aroostook Valley has always rated as one of the top courses in Maine and in New Brunswick and people from all over the world travel to the course for a round of golf. Leitch says the club has received so much support from the golfing community.

Leitch:" We have have people join our golf club from as far away as Augusta and Springbrook just for the simple fact they want to help out and they like the place. We have had an awful lot of people join the golf club from the Fredericton area . They are just friends of Aroostook they don't intend to be up here, but they want to help us out and it is very nice to see the support we have received.

Leith knows how difficult it is for the members who normally spend so much time at the course, but are now not able to access the facility.

Leitch.:" They love this place this is where they spend their summers and where the volunteer. This is their home away from home."