Ashland Nordic Ski team enjoying the season

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The Ashland cross country ski teams are having a solid year. Both teams are showing improvements throughout the year. Coach Linda Milligan says the girls team is a veteran squad.

{Linda Milligan}:"That is true all the girls who are skiing have skied multiple years so that is a help."

Ava Cameron is one of the freshmen who has joined the team this year and she says there is quite a difference between High School and Middle School races.

(Ava Cameron):"It is a lot more work and I feel my team has come a long ways this year because we are working prettyt hard at practice."

The boys team is also having a solid year. Sophomore Tristan Pelletier is happy with the team's improvement

((Tristan Pelletier):" Every race we are moving up a place or two. We are doing good this year."

Cameron agrees and says the teams have put in the work and the results continue to get better.

Cameron:" Training and hard work. Putting the effort in every day and being the best you can be."

The Hornets are looking forward to the States in Fort Kent in two weeks. The team members say they know the course well and are looking forward to competing while being able to sleep in their own beds. While they have been working very hard they have also had the obstacle of brutally cold temperatures wind and show to contend with forcing the cancellation of several meets.

Pelletier:" It is not to bad, but we practice as much as we can. "

Milligan:" It is very challenging very frustrating. There is nothing you can do about the weather. It is going to be what is going to be and you have to go with it."