Ashland Nordic Skiers enjoying success

The Ashland Girls Nordic Ski team is having a lot of success early in the season. The team picked up the win in the last two races. This is the first time in many years that the Hornets have picked up team titles.
(Linda Milligan):" It gives us a lot of confidence, but at the same time we know we can't let up at all. Everyone else is going to be working hard and nothing is going to be handed to us."

The Hornets are led by Senior Kassandra Nelson. Nelson has been the teams leading skier throughout most of her career and she says the younger skiers are really improving

(Kassandra Nelson):" I am really impressed with my team. They are a lot of freshmen and I didn't expect the quality of skiing so far. I am very proud of them and I am very proud of our team. We have come a long way since the start of practice."

Nelson says that she attributes the early success to the skiers starting at a young age

Nelson:" Most of the kids we have on the team have skied since elementary school with the rec department.

Milligan:" Most of our kids are really hard workers. It is really a lot of fun working with them because they want to work hard because they want to do well. They know that in order to do well you have to work hard."

The Hornets are looking forward to the States next month. They know that they will need to keep working hard to get ready for that meet.

Nelson:" It is really good and it is going to be a really fun experience especially with all the new kids."