Austin Theriault Part 5

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Ausitn Theriault continues to work on getting a ride for 2018. Theriault spent some time in the County recently and sat down with Rene Cloukey to talk his career and his plans for the future. Tonight he talks about the changing technology of the sport.

Rene Cloukey:" Welcome in for our final interview with Austin Theriault as he enjoys time in Northern Maine. We are getting a little insight into what goes on in the NASCAR Circuit. Yesterday you were talking about that top level of driver and how competitive it is. These guys just like you. You don't just hop into the car on Sunday. There is a lot of work that goes into before hand isn't there?"

Austin Theriault:" It's becoming technology driven usually on staff at a race team not including the ARCA teams that don't have that budget. Anything in the NASCAR level you have multiple engineers on staff. What you have seen the last couple of years the manufacturers are coming into the sports . They are investing more capital and money and building things like race car simulators where you can actually put a race car on a simulator and simulate what it would be like on the race track without burning tires and fuel and the expense of going to the race track. That has separated some of the people who can afford to do it from those who can't. It does save you money because you don't have the expense of going to the track. From a driver's standpoint they have simulators, which I have never had the opportunity to be on. Maybe some day I will. They are almost secretive nobody likes to share any details of how it works. It's almost like sitting at the track there is 360 degree camera in front of you and the car moves. You are simulating what it would be like to drive. Some of the top level drivers spend hours and hours on that before they head to the race track. When they get to the track they are at full speed full potential and not wasting any time."

Rene:' The pit crews also spend a lot of time practicing. They have to be well orchestrated so they are all the same page."

Austin:" That is why they don't get hurt every week. They are constantly training. I have been a part of pit crew training before. I would be in the race car and would drive up to the spot they pit the car. They do that multiple times. What we are also seeing at the top levels former professional athletes are getting recruited by top level NASCAR Teams because they are strong and agile. These teams are knocking off 12 second pit stops. The year before they were playing football. It's amazing to see these people transform and being able to perform at a top level."

Rene: "It wasn't that many years ago that a 18 or 19 second pit stop was fast. Now it is 12 or 13 because they are practicing all the time."

Austin:" Everybody practices no matter what industry what sport if you don't practice you are not going to be good. Everybody is always raising the bar. There is always a team raising the bar and everybody has to catch up and if that teams stops for a minute the other teams will catch up and go beyond them. It's almost like a game of pass the ball you are good for a few months and then all of a sudden you get kind of complacent and the ball gets passed to somebody else. "

Rene:" It's great having you hear and I know the people of the County and Western New Brunswick are always pulling for you and keeping track of your success. Your Facebook page just explodes with the amount of followers. Are you humbled by the amount of fans you have.?"

Austin:" I just want to take a second to thank everybody.(spud speedway 2009) It has been since 2007 that I started racing at Spud Speedway and here we are with 2018 in front of us. I have to thank everybody for the support not only in Fort Kent but the whole County and the whole State. I have learned so much. I know a lot of you I know it is Facebook social media and stuff, but I have been fortunate to meet a lot of people on the streets of the County. Thanks again and hopefully we will be back in 2018. It has been a great experience and thanks Rene for taking the time to talk to me."

Rene:" Good luck victory lane coming soon again.

Austin:"I hope so"

Rene:"Thanks Austin for joining us and have a great evening."