Austin Theriault has a new ride for 2017

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Austin Theriault will have a full time ride for 2017. Theriault is teaming up with Kenny Schrader and will be competing in the ARCA Series. ARCA is a National Racing Series that gets Television exposure. The Fort Kent Driver is excited about the opportunity.

Theriault:"It's not only going to be exciting to be competing on a national level again, but it's going to be exciting because it is 20 races. It is going to be full time. We are going to visit a lot of track that NASCAR stops at on any given weekend. We are also going to be going back to a lot of short tracks. It's a mixed bag between the two and that is exciting. I grew up racing on short tracks and the past couple of years I have been gaining a lot of experience on Michigan's, Daytona's a lot of the fast tracks that NASCAR races on. I think we can go out and compete for the championship."
Theriault will be behind the wheel during ARCA testing at the Daytona
Theriault is also looking forward to learning from Schrader who has competed at all levels of racing

Theriault:": It puts in a position to learn from somebody who is now a team owner so you learn the business aspect. You learn the competition side competing every week strategy. The mindset that you need to be successful. The next race will be Daytona in February."