Austin Theriault interview part 3.

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Fort Kent's Ausitn Theriault sat down with Rene Cloukey during a recent visit to the County. All this week Rene has been getting insight from Austin on his career and what it takes to continue in the sport. Tonight Theriault talks about going to the track even when he is not racing.

Rene Cloukey:" We are back with Austin Theriault. This gives us a chance to see him a little different light compared to a two minute story. We are going longer with him in these segments. Austin you were talking some of the sponsorship last night. The big goal to keep your name and face out there.

(Austin Theriault)::There's been times like 2016 when I was recovering from an injury that I was at the race track almost every weekend. One of the teams let me travel with them and thankfully I didn't have to absorb any cost there. They let me do a little bit work behind the scenes. It gave me a chance to meet people shake hands and stay relevant. The minute you away from the spotlight the minute you back away from people in the industry is when it becomes even more difficult to get the next opportunity. You have to stay out there no matter what the industry you are in you have to stay out there if you want another opportunity."

Rene:"Have you been pleased with your career. I know your goals are to move up in that ladder. Hopefully that one big break will come for you and you can show what you have out on the track."

Austin:" I hope so looking back at this year in general. We talked about it before. No matter what happens there aren't many people who can say we won seven races on a national tour. I have never had the opportunity to run a national tour full time before. The ARCA racing series was great for me. The consistency the building of the confidence every week for myself and the team provided a springboard for us to be successful. If I ever get that opportunity again I think I can show people that I can win races. As long as the team is good and everybody is behind one goal I think it is going to be success. If things don't work out it has been a dream experience and I have learned so much."

Rene: "You have a reputation you race hard your fast, but you seem to take care of equipment too. You are aggressive, but not overly aggressive. Is that something you take pride in and do you think car owners look at that say he is good and he is not going to tear up my equipment every week?"

Austin:"A car owner trying to build their inventory and not have to repair their cars every week I think it is something they consider. Kenny Schrader told me a couple of months ago that unlike other teams that had to rebuild their cars every week we were actually making our cars better. Making small changes instead of replacing a whole body we were replacing springs and suspension components that made us go faster on the track. We weren't spending a large percentage of the budget on repair bills. We were spending it on performance and it paid off. "

Rene:" Once again just wrapping up some interviews with Austin. Just showing the people side of Austin just a little bit. We hope you are enjoying these and we will continue it tomorrow night."