Austin Theriault looks back at 2016

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Fort Kent's Austin Theriault spent some time in the St John Valley over the Holiday break. Theriault says it is always great to have some time to relax at home. Over the next couple of night we will talk to Theriault about the last year.Theriault started the year on the K and N East series driving for Hattori Motorsports. Late in the season a lack of funding forced Theriault out of the drivers seat.

(Austin Theriault):"It's just a hurdle along the way where things didn't work out. A lot of times in this sport it is marketing related sponsorship funding related for the team. They are not able to continue racing. You will have that and you can't get too disappointed. You can use it as a driving force forward."

Theriault had success on the series. He had several top five finishes and was moving up the driver standings

Theriault:" I wasn't satisfied where we ended the year. The team was not able to finish the season with me as a driver . We weren't able to do the full season and run for a championships. We completed as much as we could."

Theriault said that losing a ride is never easy and that he tried to stay focused on the future

Theriault:" It allowed me to hit the reset button with a couple of months left in the season. The good take away that i had at that point was other people were still competing and I would like to be in that position. I was able to go back to the drawing board and see who I knew the contacts that I met through the last couple of years. I started a little early to focus on 2017.