Austin Theriault on I Racing and staying in shape

Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 4:40 PM EDT
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While NASCAR tracks are quiet. Some drivers are still competing in I racing events. On Sunday 32 drivers were in the field in the Pro Invitational series race at Bristol. Several of the top names in racing are competing in the events. Fort Kent's Austin Theriault has been on the sidelines, but is thinking of giving I racing a try.

I thought about it a little more recently. I am still trying to get situated. You need some equipment to do that and to be honest I never did much practice so I am little bit behind the eight ball. It is something I will probably put some consideration into if this keep going for a while. In the next couple of weeks I might dip my toe in and get some practice in before I decide to actually compete in a live race. It is the same ,but different than live racing. As you can imagine you have your steering wheel and all the controls but you are not feeling what it feels like to drive in a real car so that can be a difficulty in adjusting.

Rene:" You try to keep in great shape anyway and I have seen pictures of what you do with mountain biking and running and other things. It is important for you to keep in tip top shape for when you get back into the car."

Austin:"If you have never exercised before don't look at it as exercising for physical fitness or losing weight. It is what you have to do to stay mentally in a good spot because I have noticed when I don't go outside and don't go for a walk or a run my mood is less. We have never been in this situation before and I think people have to look at being physical as a way to stay sane."

Rene:"Do you have plans for later in the year if racing gets going. You still have a chance of racing this year correct?"

Austin:" Those plans were coming together so that was encouraging. We just have to see where the dust settles. Once we get though the other side of the hump and more people start to recover. You will see the schedule come out NASCAR is going to release some sort of schedule maybe in May or June and once we see that I think all the teams and drivers are going to look at it say we are going to start racing at this point. We can start talking to sponsors and that is the same process I am going to through as well."

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