Austin Theriault ready for Las Vegas race

Fort Kent's Austin Theriault is in Las Vegas this week for the Camping World Truck Race. Theriault will be driving the number 30 On Point Motorsports Toyota Tundra in Friday night's race. Theriault is excited to compete in a NASCAR Sanctioned event

Austin Theriault:" It is exciting I have been waiting months and months for an opportunity like this. I have been on the sidelines from the NASCAR scene for a couple of years and last year doing ARCA and wining a championship and a bunch of races was great. I really enjoyed the year but I have been waiting for awhile and glad it is finally happening."

Theriault raced in the Camping World Truck Series on a ten race deal with Brad Keselowski Racing in part of 2015 and at Daytona in 2016.He had four top ten ten finishes including a third place finish at Daytona in February of 2015. He also had an eighth place finish at New Hampshire. On Point is a brand new team, this is just their second race

Theriault:" I have talked to ownership I know what I have to do as a driver. The big thing we have to qualify because we are not locked in on points."

Theriault says the key is try to stay out of trouble on the track and not bring home a banged up truck. A Maine based company Cross Insurance is Theriault's sponsor for this week.

Theriault:" It is going to be televised live. Even though it is completely across the Country it is going to be great for them and I am sure there will be a lot of interest because it will be my first race."

There are 38 trucks attempting to qualify and 32 make the race. Theriault won the ARCA Series points championship last year. He has not been able to find the sponsorship to race this season on any of the major tours. He did make a trip home back to the County and raced at Spud Speedway on July 3rd and also raced in the Oxford 250. He has been busy doing some spotting and working with a young driver Chase Purdy on the ARCA series. He says that even though is has not bee behind the wheel he still knows it is important to be at the track and keep your name out there.

Theriault:" It is not only but in all other businesses whether you are in school or training pursuing a job you have to be out there and knocking on the doors."