Austin Theriault update

Published: Apr. 3, 2020 at 6:40 PM EDT
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Like all sports NASCAR has put the season on hold. There's isn't a timetable on when fans might hear the roar of engines again. Fort Kent's Austin Theriault lives in the Charlotte North Carolina area and said that Mecklenburg County ordered non essential businesses closed a couple of weeks ago even before North Carolina ordered it. Theriault says most of the race shops are now closed and just like the rest of the country people are anxious.

Austin Theriault:" Extremely nervous and we all know we are going to come out the other side in some way. We don't know what this is going to look like when we come out the other side. It is going to have a large impact in what I do. I think that is across the board for any sport that has a live audience or some sort of competition."

Rene:" The sponsorship money is going to so important especially for someone like you who might be searching for a sponsor. Are there concerns for a lot of the smaller teams who might not have sponsors?

Austin:"That is something I know a lot of small teams are considering and trying to juggle right now. Our sport and a lot of other sports are very much dependent on sponsorship revenue. I think a lot of companies, small, medium, large businesses are pulling back a little bit of their marketing temporarily. We don't know how far that is going to extend."

Rene:" I am sure you are all missing it and chomping at the bit while you are understanding this needs to be done.

Austin:" We are all supporting each other encouraging each other. A lot of drivers are racing in simulated races on I racing. For those of us who are not it can be difficult for us to stay busy. Luckily we can go outside and exercise like that. Actually I think that is extremely important to not get cramped up in the house for days and days without going outside.

Rene:" You were in that accident at Talladega last year and have taken some time to recover since then. How is the recovery doing?

Austin:" The recovery has been a long process. The couple months after were the worst and I feel I am doing much better now. Probably once the season gets going you are going to see me out there. It is one of the very small blessings for me even though it is disrupting everything else. It is allowing me more time with the season coming to a stop I am able to make sure I am maximizing my health. Whatever little bit of symptoms I was dealing with I am taking care of that now. A little bit of a glimmer of hope in all of the uncertainty and unfortunate situations that we find ourselves in. I think I am going to be much stronger coming out of this and I am doing what I can to help speed it all up."