Baseball and softball umpires

The spring sport season is just over a month away. If you look at the snowbanks and the snow on the ground you might think that spring and spring sports will not happen for a long time. That might be the case, but Assignors and Rules Interpreters are planning ahead for the season. Baseball and softball umpires are needed in this area. Classes will start over the next few days for anyone who would like to get involved. The softball class is tomorrow in Presque Isle.
(Steve Thibodeau):" We are trying a one day class this year to make it easier for people to attend and hopefully get some new recruits in.:

The class starts tomorrow at 9am at the Townsquare building on Main Street. The shortage of officials and umpires is a nationwide problem and that includes here in the County.

Thibodeau:" In my board alone I know that I have lost five umpires from last year so I will be starting with 15 not counting what new ones I do get on Saturday."

Baseball Assignor and Rules Interpreter Bill Casvant says that a class for prospective baseball umpires starts on Monday night at 5pm in room 106 of the Christie Building at NMCC

(Bill Casavant.:" Once you learn the rules and understand everything it is not major league baseball. It's High School Federation rules that we use."

Casavant and Thibodeau says that new umpires will be working middle school games later this year

Casavant:" You will do middle school games through the course of this year. Depending on their desires and how they are doing."

Thibodeau:" Rules Knowledge we will go through the book. The test is on line, but not really necessary for a first year umpire. We will get them out there working with some senior umpires in Middle School games and them ready to work those games."

There is still a lot of snow on the ground, but Casavant says it is like every other year, spring will come and games will be played

Casavant:" We will get them in. We will dress warm in the early going like we always do. Keep everybody moving and get our games in."

If you want to sign up to umpire baseball call 551 5778.