Basketball Officials needed

Every sport is dealing with a shortage of officials. According to Basketball Commissioner Pete Webb basketball is no different they are looking for people who want to get involved in the game.
Pete Webb:" We do need basketball officials. The numbers are down across the Nation. There is two or three reasons I could mention. Really you can stay with the game. It can be enjoyed especially after two or three years when you have a better understanding."

It's too late to get involved for this year, but it is something to think about for the future

Webb:" You have to take a course locally. It is normally in the fall. You then take a closed book written examination on the rules and mechanics. The next step is to go out on the court and officiate a middle school game."

Webb gives credit to a County official for the success of IAABO in the State.

Webb:" Freeman better known as Chink Brewer was the beginning of professionalizing basketball officials in Aroostoook County and really was the first of that kinds in all of Maine."

High School basketball officials are members of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials. You start at the lower level and work your way up with the ultimate goal of working Tournament games.

Webb:" You do have to work hard to do it like you do anything else. It has taken me to being on the National Rules Committee two different four year terms."

The Basketball Commissioner is wrapping up his 9th term in that position. He says the sport has been very good to him and even though he is not on the National Board anymore he still has a voice in the history of the game

Webb:" They have asked me to go back every year as a historian not as part of the rules decision, but when the committee discusses things they will turn and say what can you tell us before we decide on this. What has gone on before this. What should be think about pro or con before we make the recommendations."