Behind the Wheel with Austin Theriault: Supporting Feed the County

Published: Apr. 23, 2020 at 3:19 PM EDT
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Fort Kent's Austin Theriault is now involved in I racing. Theriault raced in his first virtual events late last week. In the first few races he is bringing awareness to Feed the County. Theriault took us for a ride around the New Hampshire Motor Speedway track.

Hey Rene I am just leaving pit road at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and getting ready to take a few laps in an Xfinity car. I wanted to take everybody around for a little spin. I Racing is racing that takes place on line through a service. Drivers are turning to this during the shutdown. Fans can't go the track anymore and we are not allowed to go to the race track. This is a really cool opportunity for us to still race and fans to watch the races on line or on Fox on Sunday. It's just a good opportunity for us to entertain people who have not been able to attend races. There's millions of fans across the country and hundreds of thousands attend races at the track. We are doing what we can to keep people positive through this situation. I am proud to represent some of the non profits. One I ran a few races with last week and will run more races with this week is Feed the . Dixie Shaw I know her personally and she is doing a lot to help those in need of food assistance. It is great to highlight the work of that group and we will highlight other groups in other parts of the State and out of state as well. I hope you can see the video and I am actually struggling to keep control of the car right now I will tell you the race track is pretty much identical to what it feels like if you are driving on it in real life. The only difference is I have a steering wheel and a brake pedal, gas peddle and clutch peddle. You don't feel the forces you normally feel so it is a little bit hard to replicate the actual feel of driving a race car. I find this is harder because you are missing some of the body senses that you normally are using to maintain control of the race car. We are going to do a celebration at the start finish line and thank all the sponsors It was an awesome day go to Feed the support the cause they are doing great work. Hope everybody has stays happy and healthy. Take care of yourself see you all at the next race."

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