Big E Bound

WESTFIELD, Me. (WAGM) - The Eastern States Expo aka The Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts is the fifth largest fair in the United States. A major event at the fair is the 4-H horse show, where participants from all over New England showcase their abilities. The state of Maine brings down a group of blue ribbon hopefuls, one of those hopefuls is from right here in the County.

"I've been working with my horse, Lily for two years," Izzy Higgins said. "When I got chosen to go down to the Big-E I was very excited."

Izzy's mom is very proud of her daughter's accomplishment.

"That was really a major accomplishment, she's worked really hard for it." Liz Higgins said. "It's been very exciting, it's been thrilling, I'm just glad she's had the experience to do it."

The 4-H crew will head down to Springfield on the 15th for Maine Day where they will all march in the parade along side the other competitors

Izzy and Lily are the only members of the Aroostook County 4-H going down to the event. The 4-H horse show opens up on September 18th and runs until the 21st with a variety of shows and competitions happening in between.