Bigrock ready for Christmas Vacation skiing

Christmas week is normally a busy time on the slopes. The skiers were out early today at Bigrock enjoying the fresh powder and braving the windy conditions.It was all smiles at the slope today

(Travis Kearney):"After coming off last year with all the snow this is a welcome. The Christmas break accounts for 30 percent of our revenue for the year."
Christoper Swiatek of Somersworth New Hamsphire enjoying some time in Northern Maine

(Christoper Swiatek):"It is nice a little bit colder than down south, but I am working off the holiday meal for sure."

Carter Lapointe is home from college and is on skis for the first time this season

(Carter Lapointe):"Get a nice day like today enjoy it with friends and family and get some skiing in."

Brian Brennan from Bath New Brunswick taking advantage of Boxing Day spending time at the hill with his family

(Brian Brennan:"I took advantage snow plowed this morning and then come over here this afternoon with two of my sons. It is a family sport and get out with them is great."

Workers at Bigrock have made a lot of snow so far this year and add the man made and the natural snow and you are setting up for a great season.

Kearney:"This year is more a typical year we have two weeks of snow making in and probably have another week to finish everything up. Our snow park needs a little snow."

The downside over the next couple of days will be the brutally cold wind chills that have been projected for part of the week.

Kearney:" We are pretty busy today and tomorrow and Thursday are questionable it is going to be really cold the next couple of days. We are going to play it by ear. We watch the wind chills and we will make the decision to operate or now."