Bill Ashby looks at UMFK career

It was a tremendous run for UM Fort Kent Athletic Director and Men's Soccer Coach Bill Ashby. Ashby will be leaving the St John Valley later this month for a job at Unity College as Director of Foreign Admissions and Transfers. Ashby is very proud of what he accomplished during his 12 years at UMFK.

Bill Ashby:"Accomplishments of the student athletes on the field and in the classroom across the board. 10 National Championships the men's and women's soccer programs some of the best in the country in any division. Our other sports programs are coming on. Women's volleyball Final Four Men's basketball Final Four, Women's basketball Elite eight. Got a lot of stuff done and it was a unique experience for a small school in Northern Maine."

Ashby said that he used the same model for success that he has been using for over 25 years and he says being the Athletic at UMFK has given him the opportunity to work with the other coaches who have bought into the system.

Ashby:" It seems to be a successful formula. It has worked out well. A good staff to work with and professional staff to work with .We are finding some great student athletes and the success in the classroom and on the field is astounding."

Bill and his wife Pam have been involved in the community. Pam will continue in position at UMFK and Bill says he will still spend time in the Valley

Ashby:" We really invested in Fort Kent. We are going to keep our home here. Pam is still going to work at the University and I will do the travel back and fourth. "

The longtime coach and Athletic Director says he hopes to maintain contact with current and former players.

Ashby:" I have always built my career on building relationships with my players and it has lasted 30 years .We are still close and together and I assume the same will happen with this group of student athletes. I look forward to continuing my relationship with my student athletes that I have now."