Bob White: Veteran Ticket Taker

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This is such a fun time of year. It is like old home week you run into the same people each and every year at games around the County.
If you have attended a game in Caribou over the last four decades you might have had your hand stamped by Bob White.

nat sound:" I will stamp your hands over here. there you go.

Bob White has stamped thousands of hands over the years.

(Bob White):"35 or 40 years and time just flies. I have seen some great games some great players and great coaches. I get a chance to meet the people and have a few jokes with them. Just be part of the community."

White has been working the door for so long that he is now approaching his third generation of fans

White:"Adults come on now who have kids who played and even some grand kids."

White is a people person He taught phys ed for over 30 years in Limestone, He was a soccer official and was a member of the Northern Maine Board of Soccer Offcials for 50 years.

White:"When they get into education get involved with the school. Don't be an 8 to 3 teacher they have done that. Susan and Mark have done that and I am proud of htem. "

White stays active. He worked at Shop and Save for several years after he retired from teaching. He gave that job up a little while back. He continues to take tickets at Basketball game and also is still the Secretary Treasuer for the Aroostook League

White:"If I didn't have that I would be a couch potato and I didn't want that."

White remembers the glory days when the gym was packed and you couldn't fit another person into the bleachers

White:"They would come in at 5 oclock and the jayvee game wouldn't start until 6. They wanted to make sure they didn't lose their seat.

The big question who many more years and how many people will he stamp?

White:" It has been a great run who much longer I will do it I don't know. I konw that when I get done I will miss it.

nat sound:" Give me your hand here. Give me five. alright We'll see you."