Bradbury Twins are competitive with each other

Published: Jan. 27, 2020 at 10:15 AM EST
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A thousand points in a career is quite an accomplishment. Twins Brayden and Breann Bradbury both joined the club this year. It is very rare for twins to both have that much success on the basketball court. At six we got their reaction the milestone. Tonight on Sports Extra we are going to have a little bit of fun on the competitiveness of the siblings.

Breann Bradbury:"We have always been competitive not only in sports but also in academics."

Brayden Bradbury:" She has to pull it together if she is going to be me in championships."

Breann and Brayden have been four year starters in every sport at CAHS. They feed off each other and both have had success in every sport at Central Aroostook. From the soccer fields, to the basketball courts to the softball and baseball fields the twins have had success. It would be interesting to sit in on a family meal to hear a little bit of sibling trask talk about who is better. It's not the dinner table, but let's do it anyway

Brayden:"I am going to have to say myself because I have more championships. How about who is the better student? I would have to say myself on that because of my gpa average, but I have to give her credit because she saves me at least 5 or 10 times a week and let's me know when homework is due and gives me pencils"

Breann:" Who has the better grade point average, That would be Brandon, but just by a little. Who is the better athlete.I am going to say myself. We are both good."

Now to the nitty gritty Brayden can your sister beat you in any competition.

Brayden:" No I don't let that happen anymore. In any sport? We still stay pretty competitive, but I make sure that I outwork her."

Breann is the older sister by two minutes. The Bradbury's have both enjoyed their High School careers and success and yes while they do trash talk each other a little bit, it is all in fun.

Brayden:" We have our share of fights, but in the end of the day we are twins and we are best friends. I feel that has always driven us to be our best the next game and helps turn things around when things get rough."

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