Brewer Athletic Director talks about flip flopping seasons

The fall sports season is just a couple of months away. With new cases of COVID 19 the status of High School sports is still up in the air. Brewer Athletic Director Dave Utterback has a plan to reverse sports seasons flip flopping baseball and softball to the fall this year and moving soccer and football to the spring. The reason being that baseball and softball are a low risk contact sport.

Dave Utterback:" Let's offer what we can offer. Offer them first as the low risk swapped out from spring to fall where being in the low risk and taking further precautions it could even be considered lowest risk. These are some of the activities we weren't able to offer in the spring so let's try to get those out first."

Mark White:" What I like about Dave's proposal is it gets us thinking differently. It gets us thinking outside the box.It's not an MPA proposal. The MPA to my knowledge has not discussed this formally. They are aware of it because it has been in the news all over the state. It is getting us thinking how are going to get these kids back to athletics after they get back to school with their teachers."

White says that having students back in the classroom is the most important part and that athletics will fall in line behind that.

White:" To take a step back we need to get kids back in their classrooms face to face with their teachers. That is what has to happen first before there is any type of adjustment to traditional seasonal schedules. The kids have to back with their teachers because that is where the best education happens."

This is just an idea that Utterback has put forward. If parts of it are accepted it would mean a lot of changes to schedules.

White:" I really respect what Dave has done and it gets a different type of thinking and gets us out of our comfort zone. Maybe there might be parts of his proposal that will be adopted. For right now Presque Isle High School and Middle School August 17th is going to be go time for traditional fall sports."