Bruce Nason retires

Houlton's Bruce Nason has been involved in athletics for all 41 years at Houlton HIgh School. Earlier this week we told you that Nason was retiring and tonight we take a look at his career with the Shiretowners.

Bruce Nason:"Coached a few sports everything but ice hockey. Tennis, basketball, baseball,softball, soccer, golf. I enjoyed coaching for all those years and it was a lot of fun working with the kids."

Nason also had success as a coach winning Regional Soccer titles with the Houlton girls three times in the 90's in 1990 92 and 95

Nason Also won Class C State golf Championships in 2006 and 2009.

Nason:" The championships were good, but what sticks out the most in my mind is working with the kids. Helping them grow and become better people and hopefully I did."

During his 11 years as Athletic Director the Shires added several sports both on their own and as part of a coop.

Tim Tweedie:" Whatever role he played he was excellent at it. Not only was he successful as a coach, but as an Athletic Director we added on several sports. Football, cross country, track and field and fall cheering. I give Bruce a lot of credit for that with his open mindedness. He never said no.

Nason:" Give kids an opportunity to play a sport is what it is all about. Giving them a chance to play football. All the sports any kid that wants to come they enjoyed playing in a coop with us."

Nason served on the Maine Principals Association Hockey and Cheerleading committees for several years. He also was a very active member of the Aroostook League

Nason:" All the Athletic Directors in the County do a great job. Some of it goes undisclosed, but they work very hard and advocate for the kids. I am going to miss that group because of how hard they work and how well we work together."

Nason has been working with students in some capacity since 1979 and enjoyed watching them grow into adults. He says that he still has contact with former students and student athletes and he hopes he was a postiive influence on them.

Nason:" I just hope I did everything I could worked hard for the kids and the districts. Working with all the kids over the years, the administration, the teachers, the janitors everybody. This RSU 29 has been a great place to work."