CAHS Cheerleaders looking for another State Championship

The Central Aroostook Cheerleaders will be looking for another State Championship on Saturday. The Panthers have won 10 of the last 11 States including the last five in a row. The Panthers success means they always have a target on their back at every competition.
Olivia Pelletier):" There is a lot of pressure after you win for so many consecutive years. We lost Regional' s last year so this year going into competition there was a lot of pressure because we were the underdogs instead of being the ones who had the title."

(Jillian Tweedie):" It's a lot of pressure, but we just push ourselves to do the best that we can do. It is exciting to keep performing each year and do our best."

The Panthers have great community support. Their fans follow them to every competition

Tweedie:" We have great support systems and our family and friends are all amazing and come to our competitions and wear the shirts we have. It is great seeing them up in the crowd."

(Janice Lyons):" It is amazing there are so many of them. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins they all come out of the woodwork and watch competitions with us."

Sami Allen has coached the team for the past 21 years. She says the teams works extremely hard in picking out music and putting the routine together

(Sami Allen):" We are a team that doesn't have a choreographer so Janice and myself and the kids on the team make up the routine. That become our own routine. We know what we are capable of and know what we can't do. We stay away from the things we can't do and work on the things that we can get the most points."

This is a very tight knit group and the Seniors on the team will miss the feeling of family after they graduate.

Pelletier:" It makes me really sad not just leaving the team, but my coaches because they are like second moms to me.

Tweedie:" We have all grown so much and we have such amazing coaches and getting to know each team member even more is incredible."

Lyons:" The kids and Sami bring so much joy. It is not really like having a second job it's a second family."

The Panthers are a dynasty they have won 10 of the last 11 States including five in a row.

Allen:" Winning never gets old. I can tell you that every win I have been a part of has been special.

Lyons:" I am starting to joke about me and Sami being the Bill and Tom of cheering. We are here again people think you can't stay on top, but we are going to try as long as we can."

Allen:" This is what you work for all season long and to win it is the ultimate prize."