CAHS boys regular season success

It has been quite a year for CAHS boys teams. The soccer, basketball and baseball teams have accomplished a very rare feat. All three teams went into the post season as the top seed. There have been several times over the years where one school may have had two teams finish at the top of the standings, but finishing first in three sports does not happen very frequently.
(Mitchell Ross:"It is quite a fun time to watch them come together. We see the leadership that has followed through in all three sports. This older core brings the younger players along with them. It pushes them to play their best ball."

Ben Thomas and Lane Grass are the seniors who have been a part of the success and Brayden Bradbury and Ethan Pryor are two juniors who have been on all three top ranked teams. This year the Panthers have a regular season record of 39-7.

(Ethan Pryor):" We put a lot of work in practices and stuff. We have had a good coaching staff up through. We have had a lot of good players."

Brayden Bradbury):" It really means a lot and shows the hard work that we put in in all sports not just one."

Ross says this is just a great group of athletes who have put in the work and made the sacrifices to be a very good team.

Ross:" They really do buy into it and the thing that we stress from the beginning is to give 110 percent. Give your whole effort and don't leave anything on the field.We trust things will work out when we play that type of baseball."

Bradbury:" We are always pushing each other to get better and that is one unique part of our practices."

The Panthers are still looking to hoist that championship trophy.

Bradbury:" We finished number one three times and it is about time that we win something and bring home some gold or something that is the plan anyways."