CAHS skiers are young

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 10:22 AM EST
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The Central Aroostook Alpine Ski team has seen an increase in numbers this year. The Panthers are still very young and that should mean good things for the future.

(Ryan Cook):" We have three freshmen this year and it looks like next year we will have four to five freshmen. Our ski team is building up and it is all because of the youth ski team that we have here at Bigrock for the little race league."

Two of the Freshmen have been on skis since they were toddlers, but did not take part in the youth racing, They are enjoying their time on the team and looking forward to the future.

(Brighton Kingsbury):" I never skied in little league so skiing in High School wasn't a transition. I had nothing to compare it to, but I skied my whole life and it is pretty easy."

(Lane McCrum):" I never raced before. I did it one year, but I didn't like it so I thought I would try it out again and I like it this year. It is pretty competitive."

Cook says the team was on skis from the first day of practice

Cook:" We did not dry land training. Our first practice was on the bunny slope and we skied ever since. We have had a lot of rain kind of put us down a little bit, but we seem to get right back up."

Several meets this year have been postponed because of rain and the Panthers coach says that whenever that happens it is a disappointment to the team.

Cook:" When we start cancelling meets it is kind of hard. We practice all week and you get Friday afternoon and the race gets cancelled that is kind of a bummer for the kids."

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