Can Am 250 finish

Published: Mar. 2, 2020 at 6:12 PM EST
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The Can Am 250 sled dog race was won by just a few seconds. Denis Trombley of Quebec picked up a 35 second win over Katherine Langlais of Glenwood New Brunswick.

(Katherine Langlais):My dogs performed well the whole race. I am very happy very satisfied with my dogs and what they give to me. 35 seconds is something I am going to hate hearing my whole life. 35 seconds is not much time."

It was another successful race for Ashley Patterson from Shirley, Maine. She was able to pass Tristan Longchamps on the trail from Allagash and took fourth. She said her dogs love to compete

(Ashley Patterson):" They wanted me to go faster leave him behind. That wasn't easy to do, but when we did then they settled in and they knew what we were going for. Then they smelled the air of Fort Kent they smelled it through the woods. They were like oh we are going home."

This is Patterson's eighth time finishing the Can Am 250 and is always in good spirits when she finishes and she was doing some lobbying for a memento.

Patterson:" I need for you guys to work on a plaque for somebody who placed fourth . I am obviously not going to get third. I was thinking of that on the trail Mark gets a plaque, I don't get nothing. I shouldn't say nothing. Yes it would be pretty neat to have a plaque on the wall. I guess I have to go faster or something I don't know laugh."

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