Caribou Alpine Skiers looking for more succes

Published: Feb. 11, 2020 at 10:08 AM EST
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the Caribou Alpine Ski team continues to prepare for the State Championships. The boys team has had a very strong year finishing first in a couple of meets this season. The girls are also having a solid season finishing second in several meets.

(Neal Sleeper):" They've proven to be great competitors this year. The County Championship should be really interesting on Saturday. Anyone of them is there to pick up a teammate if someone is having a bad day. That is good because that kind of depth makes a difference when you tally the points at the end of the day."

The Vikings have some seniors on the team, but also several underclassmen and all of them are noticing a big improvement

(Alexis Parker):" We have had a lot of progress and it is good because we are getting out and going down to Bigrock and getting in a lot of hours down there.

(Hayden Hunter):" We are better than we have been in past years. We are a lot more focused and the alpine hill gives us an advantage because we don't live near a ski slope."

Tiernan Barbosa has been one of the Vikings top skiers and he is looking forward to the States

(Tiernan Barbosa):" I am feeling pretty good. I got some new equipment and my friend's dad is sharpening my skis which really does help a lot because the terrain we ski on is very icy."

The States are at Black Mountain again this year and the team knows the layout of the area and has done some training to try and prepare for the States.

Sleeper:" We did go up to Mt Farlagne and train up there. The terrain on their old race trail is somewhat like what the race course is like at Black Mountain. It's a lot steeper it can be icy, but the kids are prepared for that type of terrain when they go down to it."

Barbosa:" Mt Farlagne is a great mountain to practice on. The terrain is great for the types of gates we do."

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