Caribou High School Shines a Light for it's Seniors

With the cancellation of the spring sports season, high school senior athletes are rightfully disappointed. One school here in the County is shedding a little LIGHT to show it's athletes that their FUTURE is still bright. Daveson Perez has the story.

(Graves SOT): "These are very uncertain times and it's kind of too bad for these kids who have to miss their senior year. They've worked so hard for their spring athletic season."

At Caribou High School Evan Graves and others have decided to take part in hashtag 'Be A light', a nationwide effort to shine a light for these athletes.

(Evan Graves SOT) : "What better way to honor our 25 senior athletes who are involved in spring sports then to shine the light for them. It's the military time of 20-20 and we're shining the light for 20 minutes and 20 seconds in honor of the class of 2020 seniors here at Caribou High School."

The Be A Light campaign calls for high school leaders to turn on the lights at their high school stadiums at 8:20 pm.

The goal is for senior athletes to realize that their potential extends far beyond the field of play.

(Graves SOT): " Being a part of athletics is important for kids. It show resliency. It shows they can work under pressure. As I've been watching the news over the last 6 weeks to see people on the front lines who are helping us out. They were athletes and now they're the doctors working on the front line. They're feeding us at these restaurants. They're the nurses at the hospital. Picking people up in the ambulances. They're still on call at the fire departments. You know they're all throughout our community working hard for us and they were once here so if that can be something for our seniors right now to recognize this community cares what you've done for us.

Graves says the plan at Caribou High is to turn on the lights of the trail behind the school every Friday night at 8:20 pm.

Daveson Perez Newsource Sports