Caribou High School renovations

The Caribou High School Gym might look a little different next year thanks to renovations and refinishing the floor.
Dave Wakana:" We are getting two new sets of bleachers one on each side. We are sanding the floor down and redoing the basketball court."
The Gym looks very different then it does in the middle of the basketball season. The old bleacher have been removed and are now outside and the floor is being stripped. Wakana says it has been about 20 years since the floor was refinished. The floor will be finished in the next couple of weeks and the bleachers will be installed over the harvest break. There will be a little less seating with the renovations

Wakana:" When you upgrade we are losing about 200 seats. Each side will be one less row of bleachers high. For ADA you have to have certain width requirements that have been updated. We are going to lose about 200 seats, but we are still going to have a huge seating capacity."

One of the things that the basketball coaches will like the most, spectators will not be walking in front of the coaches and players. The teams will be sitting on chairs in front of the new bleachers

Wakana:" In the past when a spectator came into the game they had to walk in front of the team and the coaches. Now they are going to be able walk behind the team and coaches. It is easier for them and better for the teams and the coaches."