Caribou Nordic Ski team ready for season

The Caribou nordic ski team is looking for another good year. The boys are a veteran team while the girls don't have a senior on the squad.
(Evan Graves):" We have more depth on the boys team more numbers and more experience. We have a couple of seniors and some sophomores that were freshmen last year and stepped up and it will be exciting to see them race."

(Noah Hixon):" I think this year we are a fairly young team. There's only three seniors and two of us are returning and I think we are going to try and improve throughout the year."

(Victoria Leavitt):" We have four freshmen on the team this year and we are trying to make a good bond with them and really work together as a group."

(Emma Hixon):" The upcoming freshmen we have some promising skiers and they are working hard. I think we are going to be good as a team."

Graves says the team had a good showing last year and he says that will help down the road.

(Graves:" Last year went well we had some freshmen who stepped up and now they are more experienced and they know what to expect as we carry on with our season."

Hixon says the team will be keying in on one important element.

Hixon:" We are going to focus on having a really close pack time because the returning people are really close in skill wise and I think we are going to have a good pack time which is important."

The team has been able to practice on snow since the opening day of conditioning and the skiers all seem to like that

(Kyle Boucher):" We have been practicing hard and doing a lot of workouts so it is going to be exciting to see later on in the season how we have improved."

Hixon:" Starting off early helps us get our form down and our technique better.

Graves:" There is nothing better than being on snow and being prepared for the snow as we have been."

Graves says he has already noticed a big improvement and that his goal is for the team to peak in February

Graves:" We want to peak at the State Meet in February and that is the goal. As we progress through the season these meets are mini tests. We gear workouts based on that and gear workouts to the ultimate goal of the State meet in February."