Caribou Track team practices outside

It has been a long start to the season for teams in the County
The Caribou track and field squad was able to get outside today and run on the track. While the snowbanks were still visible the athletes were able to get in a practice outside thanks to a massive snow clearing effort.

Alden:"This year Gary Marquis of the Caribou Recreation came up with the big groomer and did some grooming to get around the track the baseball field and the softball field. That has opened things up so that even with the conditions being as late as they ever been we are finally getting a chance to do a little bit outside. Running around in the gym is hard on their shins and lower legs. We create some games for the gym, but track is about track and you need to be on track to do that."
The baseball and softball fields were also cleared and even though they are still wet and have some snow still on the diamonds. This shows there is hope that the spring season with a little help to Mother Nature could be just around the corner.