Caribou alpine teams looking forward to having states on home turf

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CARIBOU, Me (WAGM) - The Caribou Alpine teams had a slow start to season like everyone else in the area. The Vikings are happy to be competing more regularly now and putting their skills to the test.

"We started off with four meets that got canceled. We were fortunate that Fort Kent was willing to pick up one of those canceled meets and host us up there. You look forward to those weekends where you can get out on the snow and put those skills to test. When those meets aren't there, it's disappointing for the coaches as well as the athletes," said head coach Neal Sleeper.

With several of the meets being gone, the practice time has become extra important for the Vikings.

"We've practiced two times a week and he has had some really good training that has prepared us for our upcoming meets. It has greatly helped us and we are doing fairly well as a team," sophomore Nathan Pitre said.

"Every Thursday night we set courses that are similar and realistic to what they're racing on during the weekends. This opportunity for the kids to race on terrain that they race on is an excellent opportunity for them," Sleeper added.

Caribou also has more girls on the team this year and senior Hope Shea made sure that they had an easy time fitting in.

"We have enough girls to compete as a full team and not just the two of us this year. We have extra girls. I know that last year being my first year I was really intimidated and just nervous all the time. I told them to just let loose and go with it," said senior Hope Shea.

The team is looking forward to competing at states on the course at Bigrock.

"It's fun doing the trips downstate for state and stuff like that. We'll still have a ball, I know we will. It will be a lot more comforting, especially for the freshman to ski on home turf," explained senior Scott Bray.