Caribou and Presque Isle share Nordic Ski Coach

Published: Dec. 17, 2019 at 10:02 AM EST
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The Caribou and Presque Isle ski teams are sharing a Nordic Ski Coach, but they are not a cooperative team and are competing under their school umbrella. Presque Isle was having a difficult time finding a ski coach so Caribou agreed to allow Lydia Streinz to coach both teams.

Lydia Streinz:" Basically Presque Isle is coming to Caribou every day for practice. We do everything together we are not officially a coop team but we practice together and race together."

Streinz says that it has not been that difficult with the teams doing some of the conditioning together

Streinz:" I haven't found it to difficult yet it adds 10 kids which is a big number, but it has been great having all the kids out there skiing. They are skiing for practice it is like we are one big team. I have them grouped on ability and work on their needs and strengths."

Streinz says that she is happy to be able to help out Presque Isle and to make sure their program stays viable.

Streinz:" Skiing is such a big deal for me so I didn't want to see some kids not be able to do that. Anything I could do to get the skiing."

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