Caribou boys basketball bring awareness to World Down Syndrome Day

The Caribou boys basketball team won the Class B State Championship last year and the team wants to give something back to the community that supported them. They have organized an event to bring awareness for world
Down Syndrome day which is held on March 21st.

The defending State Champions have organized an event on Monday to bring awareness to World Down Syndrome Day which is held on March 21st. On Monday players from both Caribou and Foxcroft Academy will be raising awareness.

(Alex Bouchard):"Wear mismatched socks. All the teams that are participating in Monday's games will be wearing mismatched socks and also people who want to donate mismatched socks would be very helpful to our cause here and any money donations would be helpful as well."
As an added incentive on Monday if you donate mismatched socks you will get into the game free. There will also be a 50 50 raffle and monetary donations will be taken at the door.

Over the years People have worn mismatched socks on March 21st to raise awareness for Down Syndrome and the players say that organizing this event is something that they are very happy to be a part of.

Bouchard:" It is a way of advocating for people with Down Syndrome and with all the support we have gotten from everybody last year we thought it would be a good way to show our support for those people."

(Parker Deprey):" The community has been extremely helpful with everything when it comes to this basketball team so this is our way of giving back to the Community."

The collection of mismatched socks has happened in the County before last year the Maine Dance Academy had over 600 pairs donated.

The mismatched socks collected during the basketball games will be used during an event on March 21st. The players are hoping that everyone will rock the socks and wear mismatched socks to show their support for people with Down Syndrome

Bouchard:" There is a girl on the cheerleading team with Down Syndrome and she gets a ton of support from everybody in Caribou at all the games. We thought it was something we could do especially because of her."