Caribou girls capture Regional Cross Country Championship

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The Caribou girls cross country captured it's first Regional Class B Cross Country Championship in 27 years.
The Vikings used their team depth as they place all seven runners in the top 23.

(Thomas Beckum):"The girls being able to run so close to each other has helped a great deal. To win races you have to be really close and to have seven in the top 23 was unbelievable. It was an awesome accomplishment."

Beckum has been the Vikings coach for the past 14 years. He says that going into the season he knew they had the potential to have a strong season.

Beckum:" I peaked the girls the last two weeks. The PVC Championships we peaked them for because they had never won the PVC's. We knew we had a shot at the Regional Meet so we peaked for that."

Sophomore Abigail Wimmer was the Vikings top runner placing second in the meet. She said the team has worked hard on running as a pack and finishing strong. The seven runners all finished within two minutes of each other.

(Abigail Wimmer):" It is really cool that we cal all do this. Everyone worked hard alone and together."

Sarae Greenier was the only senior to run on Saturday. She said that winning the Regionals is very special for her

(Sarae Greenier):" As a Senior it is amazing to have this success and finish off my Senior year strong and be successful."

The team will stay focused this week and will look for another great performance in Cumberland on Saturday

Greenier;' Towing the line will be amazing. It will be nice to have the encouragement of last week and knowing we have a chance of winning.
The Caribou boys, Presque Isle boys and girls also qualified in Class B and in Class C GHCA and MSSM boys and girls all qualified in Class C.

The top 30 in each race also qualified as individauls.
Abigail Wimmer, finished second and led the way, Emily Austin, Sarae Greenier, Ashley Violette , Kacie Haney, Katrina Salch and Maren Moir all finished in top 30

Caribou boys who qualified include Dylan Marrero who finished second, Kyle Boucher, and Evan Desmond,

Presque Isle qualifiers were Madison Jandreau and Isabelle Jackson, Max Bartley and Jonah Clark

In Class C girls
Dolcie Tanguay,Naomi Kihn and Madison McCarthy, of MSSM, Bridget HIll, Grace Graham and Teagen Ewings of GHCA
Jordyn Ritchie of Katahdin, Madison Miller and Kassandra Farley of Washburn and Emmalyne Drake of Houlton.

On the boys side
Wesley Ganglfinger Cole Winslow and Will Austin of GHCA, Will Perkins, James Cyr and Sawyer Lachance of MSSM
Joel Bond of Hodgdon, Jeremy Cook of Houlton and Aidan Churchill of Washburn.

The State meet is this Saturday in Cumberland.