Caribou girls cross country ready to defend title

The defending Class B Regional Cross Country Champion Caribou Vikings girls are looking for another successful season. The Vikings are battling some illness and injuries early in the year, but they are looking forward to trying to defend their title.
(Thomas Beckum):" I think the girls have a really good shot again this year. We are returning everybody except for one runner. I have some freshmen coming up who could take that spot. We also have some underclassmen who improved this summer."

The Vikings finished second to defending Class C State Champion Orono over the weekend. Beckum says the key to his team's success is looking to peak late in the year

Beckum:" We have done a great job peaking the last couple of years. We try to keep the mileage up throughout the season and drop it late in the year."

Junior Abigail Wimmer is rated as one of the top Class B runners in the State in a pre season poll. The team is also rated in the same poll as one of the top teams in Class B.

(Abigail Wimmer):" I feel a lot of nerves but a lot of excitement. I feel ready for this season it will be interesting to see how it goes and whether I improved from last year."

Wimmer trained a lot this summer, most of her training was nordic ski training, but she feels the cross training will be a big benefit for her

Wimmer:" I think cross training is important and I think it has helped me gain strength. To be able to run more and handle harder training."

Senior Ashley Violette is coming back from an injury she suffered during track season. She says the team is focused on winning another title.

(Ashley Violette):" We are very focused we want the title again. We want to succeed."

The key to success for the Vikings is a very tight pack time and they hope they are able to do that again this season

Beckum:" Focus on if someone is beating me from my own team that means we are doing good because they are having a good day. That bring other people along. We try to run together and my girls do a really good job of that. I think last year we broke the school record having a five person gap of 15 seconds."

Violette:" We try to stay as close as possible When we run we keep groups so that we can train together and we are not far apart. Having a shorter pack time is always a key to winning."