Caribou gym renovations are complete

The renovations have been completed on the Caribou High School Gym. This past summer we were there when the floor was being refinished and the old bleachers were removed. Now all the work is done and the Vikings are ready to showcase the new look.
Dave Wakana:" It has been taken down to the bare wood. Repainted and resurfaced taken down to the bare wood, new bleachers, state of the art bleachers. They are much more user friendly, just a much needed upgrade."

The refinished floor has a new Viking logo, The same logo that is in a mural on the wall in the gym. The new bleachers are much less labor intensive. One person can now pull out the complete set of bleachers in under 2 minutes

Wakana:" Custodians can pull the bleachers in just over a minute. They can put them away in the same amount of time. They don't have to move baskets anymore. It will give the teams more time to practice too because we were already rushed for our opponents to come in for all the fans. It is just a much better situation."

(Caribou 2017)In the past the Vikings would sit on the left side of the floor and the visitors would sit at the other end, That has all changed with both teams sitting closer to their locker rooms. There will also be a change in the way that spectators will reach their seats.

Wakana:" If you are sitting on the side where the team is sitting you are going to walk behind the team behind the scorer's table. In years past you would have to walk in front of them. If you had snow on your feet the floor would get wet. It wasn't a good situation."

There has also been a 1000 points board added Fans will be able to get a first hand look at the renovations this weekend and it will also be a chance to pick out your sets for the upcoming season.

Wakana:" On Friday from 5-7 and Saturday from 9-11 we invite anybody who wants a season ticket to come in and purchase their season tickets and pick out the seats they want. We will have it laid out like it is for a game and you pick what seat you want to sit in."