Caribou tennis teams ready for States.

The Caribou boys and girls tennis teams will both be vying for State Titles tomorrow in Lewiston. This is the first time that both teams picked up Regional Championships in the same year and Coach John Habeeb says the team worked very hard to reach this point.
(John Habeeb):" I think it is very special accomplishment when you bring both of your teams down. Very special occasion for us. I have been coaching for over 30 years and it is the first time we have brought both teams to the States."

Both teams played very well in the Northern Regional Championship on Wednesday

Habeeb:" I think we played really well in Waterville at Colby College. I think tomorrow will be the same thing. It is a little bit further in traveling distance, but I think our kids are ready for the challenge.

(Parker Deprey):" I was a little surprised. I didn't expect to walk out of there 5-0 I expected maybe 3-2, but I was pretty happy about it."

(Gabrielle Marquis):" It is awesome last year we made it States also. I think this year we have a stronger chance and we are ready for it."

Deprey plays at the number one spot and is one of the underclassmen on the team.

Deprey:" I am really excited to be going as a sophomore. Losing four seniors so this is the year we need to capitalize."

It will be bitter sweet for Marquis and her senior teammates. This will be their final time representing Caribou. Marsqus says that even though she will not be competing in High School after tomorrow she will continue to play the sport she loves.

Marquis:" Playing on my own. Tennis is a lifetime sport for me. It runs in our family so we will be out on the courts. Just the team aspect and all five of our seniors on the girls team. We are going to miss it a lot. We have had some really good successes."

The teams spent Tuesday night in a hotel before playing on Wednesday and they will once again have a day of travel before sleeping in a hotel again tonight

Habeeb:" We have got great kids and they are all in great positions and I think they are going to rise to that occasion."

The Caribou boys and girls will play tomorrow at 9:15 at Lewiston High School.
The girls will play undefeated Lincoln Academy and the boys will take on Freeport who had three losses on the regular season.