County kids enjoying matball

Published: Apr. 20, 2016 at 7:12 PM EDT
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Youngsters from five different recreation departments were in Caribou for a day of physical activity. Rene Cloukey was there and has the story.

"Today for school vacation we are trying to get the kids active. This is a great game matball. You can have multiple runners on base so kids are running quite a bit and having a good time," said Caribou Rec Director Matt Bouchard.

Matball is modified kick ball. The game was invented by Van Buren PE teacher Jay Edgecomb.

"It's just like kickball they kick the ball and run to the base the mats which are the bases. There can be four or five people on a base at once. All the rules of baseball and softball are pretty much incorporated. Multiple runners can score at one time and it is a fun game," Bouchard added.

The ground rules for the Caribou Wellness Center are similar to Tropicana Field. If the ball deflects off the cat walk or the curtain and you catch it the person is out. Bouchard said one of the unique aspects of matball is that you can have multiple runners on a base

"You can have seven people on third and when the ball is hit two of them running home that is fine or they could all run," Bouchard explained.

Youngsters from Caribou, Ashland, Washburn, Mars Hill, and Easton competed in matball in the morning and wiffleball in the afternoon. This is the second year that Caribou has hosted this event and the kids have a great time.

"The kids love this game because it is active. A lot of them are involved. There is not a lot of standing around. We play as many kids on a team as possible," said Bouchard.

A day of fun friends and exercise. A perfect way to spend school vacation.