Covered Bridge will host Canadian Golf Championship in 2019

Covered Bridge Country Club in Hartland has been selected to host a national championship. The Canadian Jr Boys Golf Championship will be held in August of 2019. Next week the course will host some of the top Juniors in the Maritimes as a warm up event.
Lapage:" It's a preview for next year. We are having the Canadian Junior Boys Championship. It is kind of a warm up for that to see how the course holds up.
Covered Bridge has hosted several major championships over the year, but this is the first time they have hosted a National Championship

Lepage:" We have held the New Brunswick Amateur, Senior and Mid Amateur events here, but have never held a National here so we are really looking forward to that."

Lapage says even though the Canadian Jr event is still over a year away, the organizing committee is very busy.

Lapage:" There is a lot going on meetings every week. We need about 100 volunteers to operate the tournament."

(Edmundston 2002)The last Canadian Championship held in Western New Brunswick was held at Fraser Edmundston Country Club back in 2002.Lapage says the tournament at Covered Bridge will be a huge economic boost for the Hartland Woodstock area.

Lapage:" I know the hotels in Woodstock are already booked for next year. I am hearing it could have an impact of 5 or 6 hundred thousand dollars to the area."

Next weeks East Coast Junior event will bring together some of the top golfers from the Maritimes and there is quite a bit on the line

Lapage:" That event will select teams that go around the Country and compete in different events. Some qualifying for the Nationals next year."

The Covered Bridge pro says the course will be in great shape for the golfers when they arrive for a practice round on Monday followed by two days of competition.

Lapage:" Not great shape we started the year.but the grounds crew has the course in top shape now. The greens are really good and the whole course is ready for next week."