Crusaders battle for playoff spot

The Van Buren boys basketball team has already won more games than last year. The Crusaders had just three wins last year and this year they have doubled that total. They are 6-5 and battling for a post season playoff spot. Coach Steve Lapierre says the team is learning each and every day.
(Steve Lapierre):" We are a relatively young team this evening we are starting two seniors one junior and one sophomore and a freshmen. We have decent numbers this year. I pulled up three eighth graders. We are in the learning curve all the time. Kids are getting better and working hard."

Matthew Burgess is one of the Seniors on the team. The point guard played as a freshmen and took the last two years off before lacing up the sneakers again.

(Matthew Burgess):" It is pretty nice a really good experience. I look forward to what the rest of the season brings."

Junior Luc Perreault says the team has worked hard and the improvement is showing. The players and coach agree they need to continue to work on parts of their game

(Luc Perrault):" We worked on turnovers a lot. We have good chemistry we are a lot closer as a team this year."

Lapierre:" You got to play good defense. You got to be consistent playing throughout the game and finish hard and strong. The kids need to play hard and believe in themselves."

The junior says the squad has developed some good chemistry on the floor, but they need to put four quarters together each and every game.

Perrault:" Be consistent throughout the whole game. Playing defense and not letting people have open shots and being consistent throughout the game.

Burgess:" As a team I think the thing we need to improve on is staying consistent. Sometimes we dwindle off a little bit."

Lapierre:" You have to play consistently. We have been able to put a quarter or two quarters together and then we let down in one. Just consistency throughout the game and be able to finish strong."