Currier ready for Olympic Trials

Russell Currier is back in Europe with the goal of making the US Olympic Biathlon team for the second time. Currier is one of four men who will be vying for the final two spots on the US team. Currier spent a few days at home over Christmas and left for the IBU Cup races yesterday.
Russell Currier:"It's nice to be in that elusive final four and trying to snag those last two spots on the team. It is nothing I haven't been through before. I wish I could say there was less pressure because of that but somethings are always the same and the possibility of success and failure."

Currier was a member of the US team in Sochi Russia four years ago. He says the US team continues to improve and because of that the competition to make the team has increased.

Currier:"The team has a whole has upped the performance over the year and has made competing more challenging."

Currier, Leif Nordgren, Paul Schommer and Jake Ellingsen will be vying for the final two spots on the team. The two will join Sean Doherty, Lowell Bailey and Tim Burke on the team Currier says IBU cup races in Slovakia and Germany will help decide the rest of the team

Currier:"There are four IBU Cup and one time trial that will influence with team naming. They will take the best of five races and make the call from there."

The Stockholm skier says that even though he is a veteran he sitll has some nerves

Currier:"The sport never gets easier. It is always a challenge every year. Thankfuly I have plenty of experience and I have been through these high pressure situations before.

Currier did well at the US IBU Cup trials last month in Minnesota. He says he is trying to focus on good shooting and fast skiing.

Currier:"Things have been going well. It has been on the cold side, Training is going well everything seems to be on pace. Energy seems to be good it is the best it can be."