Currier ready for Olympics

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Russell Currier of Stockholm is in South Korea preparing for the Olympics. The difference in time is interesting PyeongChang 15 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone and eight hours ahead of Europe. Members of the US Biathlon and Biathlon Squads are adjusting their sleep patterns because the Biathlon events will be held in Prime Time in Europe. That means late to bed and up at 11 am Korean time for Currier and his teammates.

Russell Currier:"Not a whole lot different than a few weeks ago when we were in Europe. The races are all set to prime time in Central Europe so we just stayed on that schedule. It is a little strange as far as sleeping and waking time."

There are five members of the men's Biathlon team and only four can compete in any race. Currier is not sure if he will get a start in any of the events at the Olympics.

Currier:" It is still up in the air it won't be decided until the night before or the morning of the race. It is a last minute decision."

Currier is looking forward to taking part in the Opening Ceremonies and says that he is hoping to get at least one start during the Olympics, but just being there is quite an experience

Currier:"The difference from the Olympics to a World Championship is staggering. it is hard to believe the races are the same thing. It comes down the same thing, but the atmosphere and the extra athletes and the presentation and production value is through the roof and it adds an exciting touch.