Currier's Coach reacts to Olympic announcement

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Aroostook County will soon be able to brag that they are the home of to a two time Olympian. Russell Currier of Stockholm will be competing for the United States in the Winter Olympics in South Korea.It was a stressful two months for Currier who had to qualify for the Olympic trials at a set of races in Minnesota. Currier then had to compete with three other Americans for the final two spots on the US team. Seth Hubbard of Outdoor Sports Institute says Currier did what he needed to do to make the team.
Seth Hubbard):"My hats off to Russ. He was well composed and knowing what he had to do. From racing in Minnesota in December to racing in Slovakia and Germany. There was the opportunity for him to qualify for the Olympics, but needed to show up and have the races he ended up having."

The excitement for Currier has been seen all over the County. Seth Hubbard of the Outdoor Sports Institute has worked with Currier for several years. He says that everyone involved has been thrilled since the announcement was made.

Hubbard:" Everybody is really excited about what is to come for the rest of the winter. What is going to happen leading up the Olympics and what is happening at the Olympics. It is an amazing opportunity for him to get again and we will see what it holds in the future for him."