Daddy-daughter duo post workout videos

Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 3:33 PM EDT
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It's been about a month since schools here in the County transitioned to remote learning. A father and daughter from Fort Kent are doing their part to keep students and their parents active during this health pandemic.

In this new age of social distancing a father and his daughter are helping homebound families stay active.

(Shane Durost SOT): "I wanted to do something to keep the kids active during the homeschooling phase. It gives them something to do to pass the time when they're not doing their homework.

Shane Durost and his daughter Niah have been posting workout videos online on the Too Far North facebook page since schools transitioned to remote learning about a month ago.

They say they have posted about 20 workout videos to date.

(Daveson): "How much fun do you have doing these videos? You're with your daughter… how much fun is it?"

(Shane SOT): "I'm really enjoying making them... it's bonding time for us...I've been teaching the kids classes at Too Far North fitness for 3 years now so I've been used to the face-to-face classes. The online videos are taking some getting used to but they're still really fun to do."

Shane says he tries to make the workouts fun but let's check-in with Niah...just to make sure.

(Daveson) : "Do you have fun working out with your dad?"

(Niah Durost SOT): "Yes because I'm doing really cool workouts and especially I'm having fun because I'm with my dad."

(Niah SOT): "Sometimes it makes me tired...It makes me feel happy because I really love working out."

(Shane SOT): "She's always enjoyed going to the gym with me and working out. I thought it would be good if I included a kid to do the workouts as well so everyone watching can see they're not that hard to do and she's really good at demonstrating and teaching the movement and she's actually designed a couple of the workouts as well.

After the interview was over Niah wanted to show 3 of her favorite workouts.


These two plan on cranking out more videos for the duration of the stay healthy at home order..

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